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"My own daughters love the great collections." - Patricia K.

"This site is a great deal! Fair trade Christmas gifts from wonderful places all over the world." - Krista P.


Best fair trade gifts products for women, men, baby, kids, decorative pieces—SFAC caringly shares with you over 185 finely designed and crafted items. We have eleven collections for your shopping delight  with each product meeting the criteria of your socially conscious buying. Our eco friendly handmade gifts are selected from among hundreds of items for their aesthetics, originality, trendiness or fashion longevity, and lastly for quality that we know will keep each item with you for years. Also, we take the innovative step of inviting the choices and viewpoints of our return buyers (who are very familiar with the marketplace and market tastes) in our curating process. Each item is crafted by artisans (usually, these are women) who live in developing countries. They bring a very committed work ethic and personal flair to their creations that is recognizable. The designs used are often drawn from their indigenous heritage while other items are contemporary in their conceiving. No piece is manufactured in the normal sense. Each piece is individually crafted by hand with caring work on the details. Eco friendly, handmade gifts—our online marketplace brings to you displays of ethical and exceptional choices for yourself or as a gift that is suited for any occasion or event. Shop to help in so many socially conscious ways with Shopping For A Change®. Fair trade gifts for him, her, baby, kids, home: our intention each day is to share with you the highest quality items to purchase, wear or use and cherish. 

Our fair trade gifts or products are crafted by artisans from Bangladesh & Haiti to Kenya & Vietnam. We travel with you to 49 artisan groups living in 29 countries from 3 continents. With our partnering craft organizations we educate artisans on how to participate in the global marketplace, help preserve cultural traditions, and teach new skills both for business and life. Best fair trade gifts Africa, India, direct: please return often (and tell your friends) for our seasonal items we've taken great care to share with you. Fair trade ideas needed in your window shopping--we have many many ideas for you. Then book mark us for shopping at your leisure from your home or at any free opportunity. Our site is mobile friendly too. Thank you.