Mad Flowers Pendant Necklace

by: B-Made

  • Floral inspired hand cut abstract design
  • Available in recycled brass with gold or silver plating
  • Adjustable in length
  • Pendant measures approximately 3.5"L x 3.5" W
  • Worn short necklace will measure at about 15.5" L
  • There are two extenders that can lengthen it approx. another 7" total
  • Produced following fair trade principles

Country: Nepal

Netherland designer Bernadette van de Braak first visited Nepal during her internship in 2008. Her experience there played a central role in the development of her work on several levels with new ideas and ways to transform her abstract patterns and drawings into products like jewelry and carpets. The openness and beauty of the country blended with the skillful artisans she met, inspired her to support the lives of these craftspeople by bringing the production of her designs to their fair trade studios in Kathmandu, Nepal for production. Men meticulously handcraft Bernadette’s stunning jewelry designs, whereas the women handle making all of the cotton bags in which they come packaged. This jewelry is nickel free and comprised of recycled brass.


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