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Chic Fusion

Razaan Jakoet, founder of Chic Fusion, follows her passion for economic empowerment and assists in relieving unemployment by training women from disadvantaged communities in Woodstock, Cape Town to create her South African-inspired products. Razaan designs all the products in the Chic Fusion range before handing over the felting to the artisans. They then mix non-toxic dyes and craft hand-felted home décor and fashion accessories from pure, eco–friendly merino wool and silk chiffon, all monitored by Razaan to ensure a quality product. Chic Fusion’s vision is to be recognized internationally as an innovative design and manufacturing studio as well as to support local artisans to create sustainable products.

Chic Fusion's Products

Hand-Felted Wool Tea CozySale

Hand-Felted Wool Tea Cozy

$34.00 USD