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After living and working in Malawi, Africa, artist Marissa Perry Saint founded the social enterprise Dsenyo, in an effort to create long-term economic opportunities for hard-working, African women and artisans. With a focus on African textiles, Dsenyo works directly with 120 women and artisans in Malawi and Northeastern Brazil to craft a line of fair trade gifts. Helping these artisans to work their way out of poverty, Dsenyo follows fair trade principles striving to create maximum benefit for the communities in which they work. In addition to creating jobs, Dsenyo donates 3% of sales to community development projects in Malawi and partners with nonprofits to help them raise money for their causes. The greeting cards from Dsenyo are crafted by a group of artisans known as Umoja wa Wanawake, Swahili for “union of women,” at the Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Malawi. This group is comprised mainly of Congolese and Rwandan refugees with disabilities.

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