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Owner and designer of emiLime Handcrafted, Emily Green, created her company on the basis of drawing from both the old and the new. All products from emiLime are a mix of contemporary styles and traditional knitting techniques. The various kinds of knitwear, including hats, gloves, and scarves, are handmade with all-natural materials by small farmers and artisans in Peru and Ecuador. emiLime only uses natural materials: alpaca fiber and sheep wool are the major components in emiLime’s products. The company takes advantage of their location in the greater Ecuador and Peru area. In each region, Emily sources various natural materials for items such as buttons (ex: tagua seed in Ecuador, bull horns in Lima, etc). Emily’s decision to live in Peru gives her the ability to ensure that her company is run exactly the way she has in mind: fair treatment for artisans, natural materials in all her products, and most importantly, Emily is also able to interact with her artisans on a regular basis – giving her the opportunity to have a genuine relationship with these women and their families.

Emilime Handcrafted's Products

Alpaca Hand Knit Ring Neck WarmerSale

Alpaca Hand Knit Ring Neck Warmer

$35.00 USD