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Gone Rural

Gone Rural was registered as a company in 1992 by the late Jenny Thorne to create employment for women in rural communities across Swaziland. What started as a small local business working with 30 women has evolved into an international company providing income for over 770 rural women in 13 groups across 53 communities, and supplying their products to over one thousand retail outlets in 32 countries worldwide.

Gone Rural’s unique home accessories combine traditional skills with high end design and are hand woven from sustainable, local natural fibers. They are continuously developing innovative designs and techniques to keep their product range fresh and dynamic.

When a new product has been created, or a new technique used, training workshops are held to ensure high quality and to assist skill sharing among their women. Several women from each of their groups are invited to the workshops where samples are produced. These women then act as trainers for the rest of their respective groups.

Gone Rural founded a non-profit organization, Gone Rural boMake, to assist women and their communities with education, health and social needs.

Gone Rural's Products