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Haiti Babi

Haiti Babi is a nonprofit organization created to give women in Haiti the ability to provide for their families, enabling them to earn a steady fair trade wage for their quality craftsmanship. In Haiti one in ten children are forced to live in orphanages. Crippled by unemployment, their families are simply not able to support them, a tragic occurrence determined by nothing more than mere circumstance. Some of the artisans were homeless for a time and were forced to give a child up for adoption due to unemployment and struggling to make ends meet as a single mother. By making high-quality baby accessories, a Haiti Babi worker earns twice Haiti’s minimum wage. Many of the artisans now own land and are able to pay their rent in addition to ensuring their families have adequate health care. This income allows a Haiti Babi mom to afford to give her children an education in addition to the basic essentials. By having a steady job, the artisans and their families can finally focus more on their own future, now able to actually realize ideas that were once only wistful aspirations. Haiti Babi works to improve not only the living standard and happiness of each of the families, but also of Haiti itself, each job provided by Haiti Babi creating six new jobs in the community.

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