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Lena Bernard


Swedish born, California raised, designer Lena Bernard has been working with the same group of artisans since she moved to Bali over 10 years ago. Lena provides them extensive training on style & techniques seen throughout her Collections. Many of the artisan women who do the beading & weaving live next door to her home, and are stay at home moms taking care of young children.

The impact of supplementing their families’ income has been life changing for them. Some families have bought themselves cell phones now so that other family members can call them; one artisan has even bought a car that he shares with his family and other village members so they can travel safely to different temple ceremonies around the island.

Lena Bernard’s jewelry designs have been featured in Vogue, GQ, Marie Claire, In Style, and many, many other magazines.
For the past 8 years, Lena has funded the local village dance school. No one was doing traditional Balinese dance when she moved there. Now, a dance troop of about 40 village children (aged 4-13) enter village competitions and have even won.

Lena Bernard's Products

Ahava Brass & Opal NecklaceSale

Ahava Brass & Opal Necklace

$84.00 USD
Ahava Necklace and Akasha Earrings SetSale

Ahava Necklace and Akasha Earrings Set

$117.00 USD
Akasha Brass & Opal Chandelier EarringsSale

Akasha Brass & Opal Chandelier Earrings

$69.00 USD
Tashi Recycled Brass & Enamel EarringsSale

Tashi Recycled Brass & Enamel Earrings

$29.00 USD