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Little did Angela Tucci Robinson know, that when she had a chance meeting with a woman from Uganda at a New York AIDS event in 2006, it would set her life on a new course—one that would have an impact on the lives of women thousands of miles away, as well as her own.

Mushana, was founded in 2009 with the vision of building lasting bonds through ethical consumerism, and creating a lifestyle brand that would allow artisan women in communities in Uganda to connect with consumers in the U.S.  Angela desired to create sustainable lives from sustainable products. Wanting to find a way to make a lasting difference, she became involved through a charitable relationship with an orphanage and AIDS widow community. Angela’s initial financial support for this village led to the development of Mushana, which means sun in Uganda.

Together, Robinson believes we can make a difference locally and globally by “working together under one sun”.  Mushana currently provides steady work for 20 Ugandan women and men.

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