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Nakate Project


Shanley Knox founded the Nakate Project from a desire to carry with her, the stories of the places that she had traveled. Just after her 21st birthday, with the help of celebrity stylist Antonio Esteban and individual artisans in Uganda, Nakate was launched.

The name Nakate was inspired by a young girl in Uganda who had lost both of her parents to AIDS and was sent to live with her aunt-a local prostitute. Shanley wished to connect Cossy Nakate with positive role models, and women in remote villages to Ugandan professionals and artisans.

With the hope of helping women to leave harmful occupations, Shanley continues to facilitate the use of African talent to nourish African growth and development.

Nakate is fair-trade, promotes creative opportunity, and encourages women to work at locations of their choosing. Their mission is to inspire women to be courageous, to live deeply and remind us to express our adventurous side.

Nakate Project's Products

Ultramarine GreenSale

Mkole Bracelet

$10.00 USD
Honey GoldSale

Nyota Necklace

$27.00 USD