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To The Market


To The Market (TTM) Survivor-made Goods, believes that resilience always overcomes suffering. Combining the powers of commerce and storytelling to empower survivor populations, TTM equips survivors with economic independence while raising awareness of the challenges that their survivors face.

TTM showcases products made by proud and passionate artisans who have overcome abuse, conflict, and disease, while also assisting survivors enterprises in bringing their goods “to the market” from a total of four continents. TTM provides these enterprises effective distribution channels, offering platforms for survivors to share their experiences throughout the world and providing services such as trend forecasting and mental health resources to improve production and management.

TTM also partners with Mamafrica, an organization that provides resources such as educational courses, nursery care, after school programs, and access to a women’s doctor to help women and girls who have been abandoned by their family and community as a result of ongoing conflict in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.


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