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Woven Promises


By establishing economic partnerships with other organizations in Africa, Woven Promises is able to support the efforts of economically struggling artisans. Founded by Penny Webster and Johnnie Sears the organization works with textile artisans in Sabahar to promote silk production in Ethiopia, and basket artisans in Namibia. In Ethiopia, Woven Promises (WP) provides artisans economic stability, which serves as a stepping-stone for progressing their lives. Such advancement includes access to health care, transportation, education for children, and a savings account. Woven Promises’ work in Namibia in partnership with the Ministry of Education and the non-profit organization FAWENA (Forum for African Women Educationalists in Namibia) has had a great impact on women artisans and their families. Weaving has become a longstanding tradition and a precious part of the community’s heritage; girls are taught by their mothers or grandmothers to weave at a young age. Furthermore, weaving serves to strengthen the African community, as women from various villages gather to craft baskets and enjoy social time. Woven Promises contributes to Namibian girls’ education, is currently putting 97 girls through school, and helps with the growth of future opportunities.

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