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Access to Education: High School Scholarships

In February 2017, half of the net proceeds from customers' purchases during 2016 were donated to boMake, the nonprofit arm of our artisan group Gone Rural in Swaziland, Africa. These funds are being given as  scholarships to 10 deserving orphans for a year of high school education. Globally, 170 million children do not attend school, the vast majority of whom are girls. In 2015, Swaziland’s government mandated free tuition for primary school, however, the country still lacks the proper funds to truly make standardized education a complete reality. Consequently, schools are overcrowded and many students are unable to attend secondary(high) school due to the added cost. For those who do make to high school, the average annual fee to attend equates to $283USD (4035 ZAR). While that may not seem like much by our standards, the average family in Swaziland supports 6-8 school-age dependents on an annual family income of only $276 USD (3960 ZAR). Many of these dependents are orphans—their parents taken prematurely from them by AIDS or other health related illnesses. Thank you for helping these students receive their high school education, unrestricted by the constraints of gender or circumstance, by going shopping on Shopping for a Change!