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Bangladeshi Preschool Project

Half of the net proceeds from our product sales during 2014 financed the opening of two new preschools in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. This project was a collaborative effort between Shopping for a Change® and our partnering artisan organization, Pebble Child. Pebble employs over 6800 disadvantaged women, living in 65 rural places throughout Bangladesh. Beginning February 9, 2015, forty children, ages 3-6 whose mother’s handcraft Pebble’s adorable handknit toys and apparel, proudly began attending our two preschools in Sirajgonj and Mouliribazar, free of charge. Their preschool attendance enables them to enter primary school having already learned some of their studies, and provides them with an advantage. Their artisan mother's productivity levels increase significantly when the women feel secure about the well-being of their children, and they are more committed to investing their income for the higher education of their children. The education rate in the village also increases as women become empowered through better earnings.