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Hope Through Education, Project Haiti

Your purchases during 2017 directly contributed to the education of children in Haiti during 2018!

Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. A whopping 80% of Haiti’s residents live in poverty. Since then, Haiti has endured two major earthquakes, three major hurricanes, and a cholera epidemic.

There are thousands of children in orphanages, 80% percent of whom have living parents who can’t afford to keep their families together. They can’t afford access to health, education, or social services.

By partnering with our artisan partner, Haiti Babi, we helped bring an education to nearly 40 of our artisans’ children there. By purchasing a fair trade Haiti Babi product through us, you empower a mom and artisan in Haiti to care for her children and keep them out of orphanages. By purchasing any product we carry, you directly funded a child's Haitian education in 2018.