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The Future Looks Bright Project

Half of the net proceeds from our 2015 product sales were used to purchase and donate eyewear for 2500 artisans across three (3) continents, who need glasses for their detailed work. Between the ages of 30-55 yrs. old, people typically begin to lose their ability to clearly see up close, which can be truly devastating for an artisan. Not only does their production begin to dwindle when they cannot see well, but they risk losing their ability to work entirely. By providing this eyewear they once again are capable of working to their fullest capacity, enabling them to provide necessary food, shelter and education for their children.

"Now after using the new eyeglasses I can make 45 hand forged rings per day, before I could only make 30, I am very happy because I can make more money."--Pak Suwirya