May 16, 2016


Our fair trade gifts and ideas selection are among the best for all occasions, or just shopping. All our items are selected by curation, with our returning customers assistance—so we know what is well liked. Ours are the highest quality online collections of handmade, eco friendly fair trade gift or for-me items. Our fair trade jewelry and accessories are of the finest quality in design and crafting. We have products for women, men, family and rooms. And we are very proud to be nonprofit—which is a major difference between us and other stores. This means we give back in more abundance and ways (compared to for-profit stores) to the artisans who work with us. As well, we abundantly support artisans' community projects.

Incredibly appropriate gifts for her or him, or your family. For where you live or your work place. And we have a great, full range of fair trade gift items from Africa and India. 

Of course, we are also eco friendly and green. Our eco friendly gifts are selected by Stacey Horowitz (SFAC founder) following these criteria: aesthetics, originality, fashion sense, and very good longevity. Each item is crafted by artisans (mainly women) who live in developing economy countries. 

And don't forget handmade products, an important distinction. Our items are all hand crafted by our artisans in small cottage industry work places that themselves meet all the highest standards of fair worker pay, conditions and environmentally friendly work spaces. 

We travel with you to 50 artisan groups living in 29 countries spanning 3 continents. With our partnering craft organizations we take part in educating artisans on how to participate in the global marketplace, help preserve cultural traditions, and teach new skills both for business and life. Be sure to like us on Facebook and book mark us to return for future shopping. 

Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day can be a tough one. Skip the universal remote and fancy tie this year. Get him something really unique! Choose from our favorites or shop the entire website. Whatever you decide, donate the product proceeds to your Father's favorite US-based charity at checkout!

Moscow Mule Mugs

Moscow Mule Mugs
You could go with a mug that says "World's Greatest Dad"
Or you could go with these beautiful copper Moscow mule mugs!
You can get a set of two & if you order soon, you can still get one or both engraved with "World's Greatest Dad"

 12 fluid ounce mug
Pure copper from 100 percent recycled sources
Copper handle welded to the body
Heavy gauge material made to last for generations
Artisan Country: Mexico

RFID Wallet & Passport Holder


RFID WalletRFID Passport

For the traveling man, or anyone concerned with security, the Magic RFID Wallet (left) or RFID Passport (Right) are perfect. 

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is often used to read and capture information stored on credit cards, driver's licenses, and passports, leading to identity theft. They can be read from up to several feet away and the thief does not need to be within direct line-of-sight of the wallet to collect information.
This wallet and passport holder BLOCK any attempt to obtain your Dad's identity or credit card info! 
Maraka Copper Shaker Set
Maraka Copper Shaker Set For Father's Day Weekend Travel Bag for Father's Day  Mozambican Sandalwood Bark Box
Maraka Copper Shaker Set Weekend Travel Bag Mozambican Sandalwood Box
$90.00 $70.00 $59.00
Military Insignia Bracelets 
with authentic military insignia button
Military Insignia Bracelets 
with authentic military insignia button
Closes with authentic military insignia button
Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corp, Navy

Hand-woven from #550 “cordless” parachute cord
Not to be used in survival or emergency situation
As seen in Glamour, NY Times, Today Show
Artisan Country: Afghanistan
Military Insignia Bracelet, Army, for Father's DayAirfare Military Insignia Bracelet for Father's DayCoast Guard Military Insignia Bracelet for Father's DayMarine Military Insignia Bracelet for Father's DayNavy Military Insignia Bracelet for Father's Day
Military Insignia Bracelet

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