April 13, 2016


Our fair trade gifts and ideas selection are among the best for all occasions, or just shopping. All our items are selected by curation, with our returning customers assistance—so we know what is well liked. Ours are the highest quality online collections of handmade, eco friendly fair trade gift or for-me items. Our fair trade jewelry and accessories are of the finest quality in design and crafting. We have products for women, men, family and rooms. And we are very proud to be nonprofit—which is a major difference between us and other stores. This means we give back in more abundance and ways (compared to for-profit stores) to the artisans who work with us. As well, we abundantly support artisans' community projects.

Incredibly appropriate gifts for her or him, or your family. For where you live or your work place. And we have a great, full range of fair trade gift items from Africa and India. 

Of course, we are also eco friendly and green. Our eco friendly gifts are selected by Stacey Horowitz (SFAC founder) following these criteria: aesthetics, originality, fashion sense, and very good longevity. Each item is crafted by artisans (mainly women) who live in developing economy countries. 

And don't forget handmade products, an important distinction. Our items are all hand crafted by our artisans in small cottage industry work places that themselves meet all the highest standards of fair worker pay, conditions and environmentally friendly work spaces. 

We travel with you to 50 artisan groups living in 29 countries spanning 3 continents. With our partnering craft organizations we take part in educating artisans on how to participate in the global marketplace, help preserve cultural traditions, and teach new skills both for business and life. Be sure to like us on Facebook and book mark us to return for future shopping. 

National Volunteer Week

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We Thank Volunteers Everywhere, Especially Right Here at Shopping for a Change

Volunteers around the world are a shining example of how we can all make a big difference to individuals and communities every day. From National Parks to the neighborhood watch, food pantries and animal shelters. From improving the environment we live in, to spending time with those who may otherwise be lonely. From serving a home cooked meal, to building a home - anyone can, through small acts of kindness, do their part to improve the lives of others.

This week, we recognize our work at Shopping for a Change would not be possible without the tireless work of our dedicated volunteers. Volunteers are our photographers and models for product photo shoots so shoppers can see the beauty of our artisan’s creations. They acted as our media team and created our animated corporate video, helping individuals and corporations understand how they can become more socially responsible. Volunteers created our first crowdfunding campaign so we would have funding available to successfully fulfill our mission and expand our reach. They are graphic designers, technical advisors, and provide critical administrative functions without which we couldn’t survive. Volunteers have helped us prepare for our live events, worked long exhausting days on-site, and then help us recuperate and prepare for our next event. They have interviewed the founders of our artisan groups and written about their incredible stories on our blog. Beyond tasks, projects, and endless dedication, our volunteers provide valuable insights and perspective that help us evolve and grow to better serve our mission.

Shopping for a Change volunteers are a shining example of how we can all make a difference to individuals and communities every day. This week as the nation celebrates the selfless individuals who channel their civic virtues through volunteerism, we recognize our family of volunteers for their invaluable contributions cultivating hope and inspiration, rolling back poverty and roadblocks to opportunity. Volunteers are often the unsung heroes of progress, so we thank you for lifting up those you know and those you do not ever meet, truly making the world a better place.

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Shopping for a Change is a non-profit created to extend the global marketplace for fair trade products produced by artisans around the world, raising their standards of living, subsidizing both community improvement projects abroad and U.S. based charitable organizations, all while further encouraging a sense of social consciousness amongst consumers.

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