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Why Being a Green Business Matters!

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Green America Certified Business Badge

It’s been a good year! In 2016, we accomplished one of our big goals: earning our Green America Certification from the Green Business Network. Green America’s Green Business Network is the first and largest green business community in the United States.

The Certification was the first of its kind to include social and environmental criteria. It is known as one of the oldest – and most reputable – awards available to consumers to guide green choices.

With this Certification, we join a network of small businesses committed to using their business to effect social change on both a local and global scale.

To earn this certification, we demonstrated:

  •       Business choices geared toward impacting social change
  •       Environmental sustainability and social equality
  •       Environmental responsibility across all business aspects
  •       Social practices to benefit all business associates, the community, and the environment
  •       Accountability and transparency across all levels of business practice

This achievement is more to us than just a piece of paper in a frame in our offices.  This award signifies our solid commitment to our global community, our employees, and our customers.  We have demonstrated that we will only offer products that impact the world in a positive manner.  All of our products come from sources that are environmentally and socially responsible. We expect more from our suppliers so that we can offer more to our customers.

As a Green America Certified business, we offer our customers the assurance that their purchase is so much more than the item they receive.  Each purchase is helping to make a difference locally and globally.  It is supporting the community where it was crafted and providing solid, safe working conditions.

The Certification reaffirms our commitment to the environment during the production and choosing of our products.  We have demonstrated that we are environmentally responsibility in every step of our process – from sourcing to manufacturing to the finished product. We also hold that same level of accountability in our corporate areas and keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.

We are deeply committed to our workers.  This commitment extends far beyond our doors.  Each of our suppliers must have the same level of commitment to their workers.  All individuals involved in our products from start to finish must earn a fair wage and have safe working conditions, and we will never support child labor.

We are dedicated to continuing the mission to improve our world, our community, and our workers.

By choosing products from companies that are Green America Certified, you are choosing products that are environmentally sustainable, protecting our earth’s resources, reducing pollution, and maintaining a small carbon footprint. Choosing our products helps you impact the world and be a catalyst for change globally, right from your own home.