February 11, 2017


Our fair trade gifts and ideas selection are among the best for all occasions, or just shopping. All our items are selected by curation, with our returning customers assistance—so we know what is well liked. Ours are the highest quality online collections of handmade, eco friendly fair trade gift or for-me items. Our fair trade jewelry and accessories are of the finest quality in design and crafting. We have products for women, men, family and rooms. And we are very proud to be nonprofit—which is a major difference between us and other stores. This means we give back in more abundance and ways (compared to for-profit stores) to the artisans who work with us. As well, we abundantly support artisans' community projects.

Incredibly appropriate gifts for her or him, or your family. For where you live or your work place. And we have a great, full range of fair trade gift items from Africa and India. 

Of course, we are also eco friendly and green. Our eco friendly gifts are selected by Stacey Horowitz (SFAC founder) following these criteria: aesthetics, originality, fashion sense, and very good longevity. Each item is crafted by artisans (mainly women) who live in developing economy countries. 

And don't forget handmade products, an important distinction. Our items are all hand crafted by our artisans in small cottage industry work places that themselves meet all the highest standards of fair worker pay, conditions and environmentally friendly work spaces. 

We travel with you to 50 artisan groups living in 29 countries spanning 3 continents. With our partnering craft organizations we take part in educating artisans on how to participate in the global marketplace, help preserve cultural traditions, and teach new skills both for business and life. Be sure to like us on Facebook and book mark us to return for future shopping. 

Event: Shopping for a Change & Keller Williams Have Joined Forces With The Homeless to Home Program

Event: Keller Williams Shopping for a Change Homeless to Home

This Wednesday, February 15th, Keller Williams is holding their Family Reunion

The Keller Williams Family Reunion is the real estate industry's most powerful training event. Associates gather with thousands of top agents and leaders for four power-packed days of networking and training. 

Shopping for a Change is a nonprofit social enterprise committed to empowering indigenous artisans from economically disadvantaged communities around the world. We sell fairtrade products  made by artisans from around the world to help raise their standards of living and to subsidize both, community improvement projects abroad and U.S. based charitable organizations, all while further encouraging a sense of social consciousness amongst consumers. 

This year attendees are invited to partake in a local community give-back activity. Keller Williams and Shopping for a Change have partnered with Southern Nevada's Homeless to Home Program, a non-denominational program committed to helping place local homeless families into permanent housing. 

The Homeless to Home Program helps those who are homeless and living in a shelter with support to end the cycle of homelessness by helping them gain self-sufficiency. Each adult in the household must be willing and able to work a full-time job to qualify.  Currently. the assistance program is offered to families with dependent children under the age of 18 in the home.   

Attendees will be assembling housewarming bags to be donated to the program's participants. All bags are comprised of carefully curated fair trade items made by artisans from developing countries.

The items are chosen to warm these houses into homes and to welcome these individuals and families into the next phase of their lives as they break away from homelessness and hopelessness. The activity will also serve to educate and inform the attendees on homelessness as well as fair trade and how to be a socially conscious consumer. 

A pair of large, handwoven potholders Potholders-Keller-Williams-Family-Reunion

Matching handwoven kitchen towels in a variety of colors handwoven-kitchen-towels-keller-williams-family-reunion

Four bamboo kitchen utensils bamboo-kitchen-utensils-keller-williams-family-reunion-1bamboo-kitchen-utensils-keller-williams-family-reunion-2

A bamboo cutting board bamboo-cutting-board-keller-williams-family-reunion

A handcrafted whimsical keychain in assorted styles to hold the new keys to their new home handcrafted-whimsical-keychain-keller-williams-family-reunion

Every package will also have hand signed postcards with care instructions. And all handcrafted fair trade products will be thoughtfully assembled and packaged into a large reusable shopping bag for future shopping needs. 

Attendees will have an opportunity to share a bit about themselves by adding a personally meaningful, inspirational quote to the Banner of Hope, which will then be shared with those who are assisted through the Homeless to Home Program, completing the circle of care.  
The Keller Williams Family Reunion Event is an important way to bring people together to learn and grow in an industry that serves one of the most global human fundamental needs. The Keller Williams partnership with Shopping for a Change is an important way to stay connected to our role as global citizens by providing fair trade products to those in need at a local level, in the Homeless to Home program.  
While the specific items above are carefully curated for this specific program, Shopping for a Change has many lovely handcrafted fair trade kitchenware and home decor items that will add to the beauty and function of any socially conscious home. Below are a few examples. Click on the image for more info.

 Reclaimed-Teak-Cheese-Board-with-Handle    African-Textile-Cards Copper & Wood Mixology Bar Set Bulawayo Kiaat Salad Bowls Teak Utensil Set of 3 in Stoneware Carafe

*If you are inspired by the Keller Williams - Shopping for a Change partnership and would be interested in adding a similar activity to your leadership retreat or to your corporate social responsibility plan, Shopping for a Change works with vetted charities to provide for a cause local to your organization and it's core values. We can help create a personalized program and product list for your goals. Please contact, concierge@shoppingforachange.org for more information.


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