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Thank You Ford Warriors In Pink & Daniela Ruah

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Ford Warriors in Pink is dedicated to helping those touched by breast cancer, through actions that support, inspire, and empower patients, survivors, and co-survivors throughout their journey.

In October 2017, actress, the star of the CBS series NCIS: Los Angeles, and our brand ambassador, Daniela Ruah, produced a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for the Ford Warriors in Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

The PSA aired on CBS in support of the Ford Warriors in Pink. This program is in it's 23rd year. That's 23 amazing years supporting the fight against breast cancer,  with over $133 million dedicated to the breast cancer cause.

The PSA campaign helped spread Breast Cancer awareness and Ford's Commitment to find a cure. In honor of Daniela's participation in the campaign she selected Shopping for a Change to be the recipient of Ford's charitable donation. 

Daniela and Ford Warriors in Pink recognized our unique organization. Their donation recognizes our impact on saving the lives of vulnerable children around the world and building future for those who need it most. 

Thank you, Daniela, for selecting Shopping for a Change as the recipient of the Ford Warriors in Pink charitable donation and for your support of the Breast Cancer cause. And thank you to the Ford Warriors in Pink program for your charitable donation, for the recognition of our dedication and hard work around the globe, and for your incredible efforts that fight Breast Cancer in a meaningful way for so many years.

Together, we all make a difference!