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SFAC Going On Hiatus in 2019


Dear Friends,

It’s been nine years since the inception of Shopping for a Change (SFAC). We’ve successfully pursued a hefty goal: to enable impoverished artisans and their communities around the world and to help raise themselves from poverty with their dignity intact.  We’ve diligently provided a hand-up, not a hand-out.

Through the SFAC website and our unique business model, we have successfully helped to employ thousands of talented individuals and organizations to use their impressive talents as well as techniques passed down through generations, to improve the well-being of their families and villages.

You have supported us by shopping on our site, through donations, and by helping us to spread the word of our mission. Your valuable involvement has resulted in us (SFAC and you) collectively funding a total of eight community improvement projects by the end of January 2019. These projects, with their focuses on clean water, health care and education, have literally changed the lives of thousands of children and adults for the better—thanks to all of you!!

The face of change has many appearances--some more personal than others. Our SFAC family is extensive and includes all of our customers, donors, volunteers, and incredible, loyal fans. My immediate family however, has been facing life threatening health issues this year. While the outcome of treatments is still unknown, I must put my family first. Beginning January 1, 2019, SFAC is going on a temporary hiatus. Daniela Ruah will continue to be our SFAC Ambassador, but on stand-by until we can arrange a powerful, meaningful return to the fair trade scene. We appreciate your patience and hope you will continue to be by our side when we are able to pick back up, bringing you valuable fair trade lifestyle gifts and more.

While on hiatus, we'd like to continue improving the lives of those less fortunate by funding another community improvement project, yet to be determined. Once selected, we will ask our community for help with funding it through donations instead of purchases.

If you are not already on our email list, please subscribe so you can receive up to the minute news about future projects and our return.

All my best for you and yours,