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Corporate gifts can be donated to a charity of choice

SAN MATEO, CA – Shopping for a Change, the nonprofit social enterprise committed to creating an extended global marketplace for fair trade products produced by artisans, artisan co-ops, and companies employing these artisans, announced today a new corporate social responsibility program. This is the only corporate gift program where half of the net proceeds from each purchase goes back to any U.S. based charity of the corporation’s choice, and the other half goes to an annual community improvement project focused on clean water, healthcare or education, in the artisans’ communities.

Shopping for a Change is the brainchild of Stacey Horowitz. The nonprofit was developed to empower talented artisans, predominantly women, and their impoverished communities, as a means to transform their standards of living in economically sustainable ways. The nonprofit sells high-quality, handcrafted, fair trade gifts and works with over 50 artisan groups in over 30 developing countries. The designs are sold to a global marketplace through their website, live events, and corporate concierge service.

“We are proud to announce our new corporate gift program just in time for the holidays,” says Shopping for a Change founder, Stacey Horowitz. “The nonprofit was created back in 2009 because I felt a desire to make a strong difference in the world on a global scale. During a family vacation to the Galapagos Islands and Peru, I saw the struggle that so many of the women were facing from illness, abuse, war, unemployment and death in their families. I knew that similar circumstances existed for women around the world. I wanted to be able to find a way to ensure that when someone makes a purchase, the proceeds are helping these women and their communities as well as helping others in need right here in the United States.”

Shopping for a Change has a wide array of unique items from home décor and kitchenware, to accessories, apparel and meeting essentials. Each item is eco-friendly, produced in a socially responsible manner, and creates positive change worldwide. The curated collection can be purchased individually or in gift sets and customization is available.

“Corporate social responsibility goes well beyond making donations and responsible buying decisions. We decided to offer a two-prong approach that includes the donation of product to a charity of the company’s choice, coupled with a group of exercises designed to connect team members more deeply with one another and the community their donation is benefitting. Connecting with and giving back to the community should be part of the overall growth strategy of a company,” stated Horowitz.


The Corporate Social Responsibility program works as follows:

Products and Kits

Your corporation can purchase a collection of products through Shopping for a Change to be donated to the charity of your choice. Your attendees assemble the kits at an on- or off-site event.

  1. You select a charity from a group of vetted nonprofit organizations local to your event
  2. Shopping for a Change works with the charity to curate a pre-approved collection of products to be purchased by your corporation in advance of your event date
  3. Given your budget you select which products and how many kits you wish to make
  4. Attendees assemble the products into kits at the event and they are then donated to your selected charity

Community Sensitivity Exercises

In addition to the activity of assembling kits for donation to your chosen charity, your group can engage in a fun variety of teambuilding and community sensitivity exercises designed to provide attendees with a more open way of viewing the world around them. The purpose of the exercises is to gain insight into the issues of stereotypes and biases including those of disability, race, gender and socioeconomic in nature.

For every purchase made through Shopping for a Change, the net proceeds from that purchase are split as follows: half goes towards a U.S. charity organization of the buyers choosing, and the other half goes to an annual community improvement project in the artisan communities. The focus of each project changes yearly. Half of 2016’s net proceeds will be used to fund high school education scholarships for girls and orphans in Swaziland.

For more information on the Corporate Social Responsibility program, please visit Shopping for a Change website at

About Shopping for a Change

Shopping for a Change® was established to create an extended global marketplace for fair trade products by artisans, artisan co-ops, and companies that employ these artisans, predominantly women, from economically disadvantaged areas throughout the world. Shopping for a Change® partners with highly reputable organizations and NGOs (nongovernmental organizations) in executing their model, working in collaboration to assist in educating artisans on competing in a world marketplace, while helping preserve local handicraft traditions. Artisans are paid for their work according to terms they set. Their purchased products are then marketed through their website, their main selling platform, and face to face at pop up shops and seasonal events. Fifty percent of the net sales proceeds are used to fund Community Improvement Projects and grants abroad. The other fifty percent of the net sales proceeds are directed by the consumer during the checkout process, and granted to their U.S. nonprofit partners and additional U.S. based charities vetted and selected by their board. For more information, visit