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951 Mariners Island Blvd.

Suite 240

San Mateo, CA 94404


Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm PT

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I've known Stacey for a while and while i was not surprised that she started this wonderful non-profit, I was truly impressed with the quality and selection of goods offered, the partnerships created with the crafts-people, and the way the funds are distributed. It’s amazing the breadth of artisans she’s found to showcase and the beautiful creations they make.

And including the option to support SFAC through AmazonSmile is a wonderful idea too.

My purchases have gone smoothly and her team has taken good care of me and my orders.

Stacey’s passion and commitment to support these communities while also giving back, both internationally and domestically, is inspiring.

I look forward to checking out the site periodically to see what new artisans and items she’s found to include!"

- wmayerson