The idea for BauXo was born when two Canadian women, Jeneen Gacek & Diana DeLuca, decided to take a sabbatical from their corporate lives and back-pack through Southeast Asia. On a beach in Bali, Indonesia they met Javanese designer, Hariyono and instantly fell in love with his work. With a shared passion for life and fashion, the three blended their backgrounds, cultures and characters to create BauXo. Their business is dedicated to the following philosophies:
  • To create distinct, versatile pieces from durable materials, that are superior in design and quality
  • To meaningfully contribute to the Indonesian community by providing opportunities, excellent working conditions, fair wages and education
  • To pay attention to detail in all aspects of business
  • To ensure that fun and passion are always a part of daily life It is their position to never to forsake the talents and skills of their artisans for technological alternatives.
To assure quality workmanship each piece within the BauXo collection is handmade. BauXo uses sustainable and recycled materials whenever possible. Using a form of conservation called “pre-cycling”, the majority of BauXo’s leather is taken from excess leather cuts salvaged from shoe factories.

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