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Fair trade eco friendly brooches—recycled metals, brass and silver, so attractive and also are the ultimate in the socially conscious fashionita statement.

Fair trade eco friendly brooches we share with you are carefully chosen according to: quality, longevity and the fashion attractiveness of each piece. Brooches are our addition to our fair trade jewelry collections and to help select them we go to our repeat buyers to be a part of the selection process. These are shoppers who know and appreciate what is out there in the bracelet fashion universe, particularly for fair and recycled. This is termed a curated process. We feel it presents you with the best choices. Handmade brooches that are truly made by hand: our artisans craft each with care and detailed technique. It is through our artisans' hands that these recycled metals are transformed into eye-catching brass, silver or gold plated brooches, an ethically powerful statement piece that will bring noteworthy attention. Our selection of pins is unequaled for looking great and socially conscious expression. Perfect for you or for giving to a special someone. 

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