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Fair trade carrying or travel cases are gaining in popularity among women and men, and kids too. At our SFAC store we bring you excellent choices of fair trade carrying cases for computers, eyewear glasses, sunglasses, travel, school, pencils and whatnots. In our multi-continent search for cases, we look for the aesthetics of the piece, its utility, and in being eco friendly in manufacturing, transportation and selling. Thus, we present to you the highest quality eco friendly (eco green) computer case laptop sleeves that are very good looking and utilitarian functional. Need a glasses or eyeglasses case? We have them. Fair trade wallets for him—notably handsome, and very well crafted. Each item is handmade.

If you're shopping for carrying or travel cases that are handmade, crafted from eco friendly materials and pay fairly, you're at the right place. Our cases are stylish, elegant and ethical. Our accessory cases are made by hand by women artisans from the developing economy countries of Uganda and Afghanistan. The eco green computer laptop case sleeves we offer look sharp, are made to last, and great for protecting your laptops during short or long travels. 

All pieces have an interior lining. And some are padded for additional protection. Laptop sleeve for Apple Macbook computer laptops or comparable size machines. Eyeglass glasses case to safely hide away those precious eyewear when you aren't using them. Also travel, school, pencil cases that are ethical, eco green and, of course, pay fairly to the people who are manufacturing these items with their hard work.

Need fair trade men's wallets? We have the perfect wallet options and they're great for anytime giving. 

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