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Welcome to our fair trade belts online store, bringing you a great 2016 selection of belts. Fair trade means we pay a fair living wage to the artisans who personally craft these items. We also make sure they have very good working conditions and life-improving opportunities. Because SFAC is nonprofit we pay more to our craftspeople than other online or brick and mortar stores.

Each of our belts is carefully handmade. As their manufacture is not harming the environment, they are eco green friendly—another socially conscious distinction we're proud of. Also, they're made from natural or sustainable materials. These leather, beaded, embossed, woven belts will add that extra sizzle and shapeliness to your look. We also share with you recycled belts crafted from completely recycled materials—the ultimate in sustainability. Our shoppers consider this collection to be the best they've found on the internet. We offer recycled belts also.

As you see, these belts are a hey-look-at-me accent for almost any outfit—turning dresses, shorts, pants or whatever into crowd pleasers, while you stand out from the crowd. Leather, embossed, beaded, fair trade belts—each one is made from natural, sustainable materials with a cottage manufacturing process that uses a range of techniques. These include embroidery, metalwork and leather crafting.