Spring Sale

Empowering others, transforming lives. See how each purchase gives back in three ways.

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Our fair trade Spring Sale is the best place to shop this Spring season. We are offering you a very helpful 10-75% discount 'on sale' items. Our shoppers tell us these are the best deals found online or in stores. Big bargains that will bring you the most desired fair trade products at the lowest prices. Save! Looking for "On Sale?" You've found it. Each item is eco friendly and handmade—making these items telling expressions of being socially conscious. 

Our on sale bargains will give your shopping in 2017 a boost for your spending budget while bringing you the finest collection of fair trade fashion or decorating items available. So, if you've found these products too expensive in the past, here's your opportunity to buy them. 

Consider these two persuasive reasons to shop at SFAC. First, you save with our on-sale items while making sure quality pay is provided to the artisans who craft these products. We are the go-to store for all seasons. Please friend us on Facebook, and check out our blog