Purses, Bags & Totes

Empowering others, transforming lives. See how each purchase gives back in three ways.

We've traveled far and wide to locate the best fair trade purses, handbags, bags or totes—for yourself or for others. These are the finest, most attractive and functional you'll find online or in street stores. Our shelves are stocked with purses and handbags (including from Africa) that are handmade by skilled artisans who put their heart into the crafting, and make a good fair trade living from their work.  And for that very special, socially conscious look while on the go to near or far places, you'll love our beautiful travel weekender duffle bags.  

Each purse or bag is lovingly handmade by mostly women living in communities from Asia to South America, and in Africa. These items are stylish, very well made and long lasting. Our prices are affordable (and some are on sale). We are nonprofit—meaning more of your purchase dollars go back to the wages for the artisans and, as well, to their community improvement projects. 

Each piece is crafted from natural and sustainable materials. Looking for leather? Leather purses and bags created with detail that is equal to the workmanship from Italy. We also have organic and sustainable materials. Check out our fair trade handbags Africa—purses from Africa are the trendy items now.