Wraps & Scarves

Empowering others, transforming lives. See how each purchase gives back in three ways.

Shop online here for stunning, highest quality fair trade wraps & scarves. Our shoppers often tell us we have the best selection, and they keep coming back. Great for yourself, or for others. These wraps will bring in the compliments to you for their extraordinary beauty and the socially conscious statement they express. They will always feel exceptionally good on you. Our organic cotton scarves are all handmade by our artisans (mostly women) who care deeply about their craft and work ethic. 

Each piece is handmade and eco friendly as their manufacture doesn't involve any environmental degradation. This is why our customers consider us the best online store for these products. We are proud to be nonprofit. This means we use considerably more of your purchase to pay well the artisans and to support their community projects. And we like to keep our items affordable.

We also include organic cotton scarves or wraps—designed in the hot fashion trends or with ethnic designs. Each item is manufactured from the finest natural, eco green materials on the planet. Linen, cotton and silk—imagine the feel.