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Gray Market

Gray Market

Hallie Gray has always loved textures and patterns, but it was only after she had got a degree in International Relations and traveled to places filled with vibrant markets featuring hand-crafted fabrics that she decided to make her passion a career.

Hallie created Gray Market textiles to pair her love of classic, textural design with the organic nature and rich story of a handcrafted textile. Gray Market uses only plant and animal-based fibers, like cotton, silk, wool and cashmere for their products because of natural-based fibers’ soft feel and durability.

Gray Market designs are created by Hallie and hand-crafted by small networks of artisan groups in India, ensuring preservation of ancient textile traditions. Gray Market ensures that their artisans are valued by paying fair wages, allowing artisans to achieve financial stability and to access better healthcare and education for their children.
Block Printed Eyelet Toiletry BagSale

Block Printed Eyelet Toiletry Bag

$34.00 USD
Block Printed Stella Raspberry Travel Laundry BagSale

Block Printed Stella Raspberry Travel Laundry Bag

$18.00 USD
Block Printed Tunis Blue Toiletry BagSale

Block Printed Tunis Blue Toiletry Bag

$34.00 USD
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