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Hae NOW, short for Humans, Animals and Environment...Now!, is a company that employs over 700 men and women in their mill in Kolkata, India. Believing that ethics and social responsibility shouldn’t be forsaken for profit, Hae Now strives to alleviate poverty through fair trade, generate employment, empower its employees, improve labor conditions, and support environmentally-friendly practices.

Haenow's mill in Kolkata, India is committed to ethical business, safe and dignified working conditions, and improving products and performance for workers and customers. They do this by paying their workers 20-50% more than the minimum wage, subsidizing meals, recognizing union membership, and offering medical insurance, retirement plans, housing and education for the workers and their families. However, they also believe that these fair trade principles should also transfer to the farmers and communities that grow the materials needed to make their products, by paying organic premiums for farmers and facilitating development programs such as fair trade in their communities.

The fair trade movement, rather than attempting to reverse globalization, recognizes the power of a world marketplace to alleviate global poverty. By paying a small price premium to assist struggling communities in producer regions for these quality, ethically made goods, you will support to movement to create a better, more equitable world.

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