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Kathy Kamei

Kathy Kamei

What began for Kathy Kamei as a six-month excursion to Bali expanded into an eight-year stay with two of her daughters. While living there, this former model and TV co-host met an incredible woman who invited her to her factory where she watched Balinese artisans at work. This chance encounter fueled Kathy’s passion for making jewelry. The trend in jewelry at that time had been polished surfaces; so Kamei wanted to introduce a line that had texture and depth, utilizing Balinese folk art.

Since 2003, Kathy’s original jewelry designs have been produced by this talented group of artisans, who receive high wages for their high-quality work, live on site and have their meals provided. Kathy gives back to the island through a Balinese environmental organization called Winzu, to help keep Bali beautiful. Celebrity clients include Oprah, Katie Couric, and amongst others.

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