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Matr Boomie

Matr Boomie

Manish Gupta was a successful operations manager at a technology corporation in Austin, Texas before he learned of the principles of Fair Trade. He felt that something was missing, and decided to return to his homeland. After finding that many people were living on an income of under $1 a day, Manish founded Matr Boomie (formerly Handmade Expressions) to help develop and support artisan groups in India.

Matr Boomie began working with Ana Art Group after receiving an email from a young girl named Sana. Sana’s family and other members of the community were being mistreated by their employers and Sana found hope in the similarity between the jewelry that they were making and the products that she had seen through Matr Boomie.

“When we see your website we feel like there is someone in the world who can take care of people like us.” Sana writes. After meeting in her family’s home, Ruchi and Rashmi of Matr Boomie were moved by the story of the Ana Art Group and now offer ongoing support for the community.

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