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MEND is a product line by Invisible Children, a nonprofit organization established to help bring an end to LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) atrocities in Uganda. Mend is a social enterprise geared towards improving the lives of women affected by the LRA conflict. Many of the seamstresses supported by Mend were abducted and forced to become child soldiers or wives of the commanders. After being lucky enough to escape with their lives, these women were given counseling and taught how to sew. Ostracized because of their former affiliation with the LRA, the already flooded market left them unable to provide for their children through the seamstress profession.

Mend provides these women with financial support, counseling, schooling, and an outlet for their talent. The program is designed to develop the skills that will make them self-reliant in the future, while also providing a safe-friendly environment. Their eco-friendly products carry the name of the seamstress who made them, which allows a more personal connection for the consumer.

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