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PACT is a fair trade clothing business inspired by doing good for and around the world. With manufacturing of their socks, apparel and packaging in Turkey, their cotton is sourced from a single organic cotton cooperative comprised of over 10,000 farmers who are shareholders, and practice non-GMO organic farming across 3 states of India. It’s the only operation like this in India.

There is no child labor, equal pay for men and women working the same jobs, and empowerment of women through employment opportunities. Medical insurance is provided for all employees and their families, and free education for all their children. There is less than 2% turnover.

Super soft organic cotton and sustainable textiles, are the basis of everything they make. No pesticides, no fertilizers, no bleaches, no nasty stuff at all. Ethically made, you can feel as good wearing it, as about where it came from.

PACT in partnership with Whole Planet Foundation, is funding over 100 new businesses around the world, including micro-loans to entrepreneurs in low-income communities, and sustainable gardens across the United States.

Known best for their men’s and women’s under garments and socks, PACT has expanded into baby wear. Good design, good fabric, good cause.

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