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World Finds

World Finds

Founder Kelly Weinberger and her husband David Burns left their jobs in 1999 to travel around the world. After spending time in developing countries, seeing tremendous poverty, and being introduced to the concept of Fair Trade, Kelly was determined to make a difference in communities she had visited. Back in the States, Kelly began to build a market for products sourced from fair trade organizations and small artisan families.

WorldFinds has a clear goal–to provide work, not charity, to small artisan families and women's cooperatives in India, Indonesia, and Nepal by finding markets for handmade products. WorldFinds pays livable wages, provides safe working conditions and access to healthcare, childcare, on-going training, and education, helping artisans lift themselves out of poverty.

The Worldfinds’ Girls Education Fund provides scholarships for girls in marginalized families in India. Last year, increased orders allowed artisan groups to send three times as many girls to school.

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