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951 Mariners Island Blvd.

Suite 240

San Mateo, CA 94404


Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm PT



Zardozi is a non-governmental organization working to find markets for the products of talented Afghan women and craftsman. Zardozi was founded as an income-generating project to help the hundreds of thousands of Afghan families who poured over the Pakistani border when fighting broke out. Working in a pleasing venue, thousands of Afghan women can now earn a steady income through the production of high-quality products.

The money that these women earn through selling their creations helps them in multiple ways. They often use their earnings to take their children away from carpet production and send them to school. Their savings have been used for pregnancy check-ups, often for the first time in their lives. Having an income of their own drastically changes their quality of life, while providing them with the means necessary to gain control of their livelihood.

Most women who work with Zardozi live at refugee camps in the border areas of Afghanistan. These women have led lives of chronic poverty, are almost all 100% illiterate and often have never seen a doctor or been to a clinic. Zardozi helps them start small businesses selling handicrafts and clothing so that these women can increase their profits and expand their market.

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