African Crafts

With all of the communities today that are struggling, fair trade has become more important than ever. Fair trade means that what the individual is creating is made by hand, made by natural resources and more of the proceeds will go to that individual. African crafts are just some of the crafts that are created by artisans with fair trade in mind, using natural resources and keeping back enough profit to make a sound contribution to society and fundraising for marginal communities and more. The Part African Crafts Can Play African crafts are just one small way to raise money for Shopping for a Change or SFAC. With more than 2300 artisans from marginalized communities across the world, there is plenty of opportunity for production of unique products that are not only made with care but are eco friendly. These crafts are generally made by the women of Africa, and showcase their natural abilities in crafting but brass works, basket making, woodcarvings, leatherworking, pottery and so much more.
These crafts are an expression of not only their culture but whatever inspires them at the moment. These African crafts are relatively inexpensive to make and generate enough money to help the fundraising efforts of SFAC for those who need it. The artisans that contribute to these projects are single mothers, those who are poverty stricken, those who are suffering through harsh diseases like AIDS or those who have cared for children that were orphaned through wars. The money raised will help each and every family in a community as such, and will ensure that they are able to get what they need, live a normal life, and the additional funds are always distributed amongst the other countries that are remaining that have the same goals in mind. The Source for SFAC SFAC is a fundraising source for nonprofit and charitable organizations that are based in the United States.
Those consumers who are most likely to contribute are those who are conscientious of where their products are being made and how they are being made. The consumer that is sensitive to these marginalized communities and where the money goes are more likely to buy gifts or products that are made with fair trade in mind and those that are eco friendly. Leaving the world a better place is just one of the reasons that this came into being, and hopefully it will continue on as people learn more about fair trade products and how they give back to the community. While hunger and poverty remains the plight of so many, America has so many comforts in its modern style and atmosphere. Each day so many of us wake up, enjoy our coffee, shower and get dressed without very little thought about what we would do if we didn't have running water or if we couldn't pay any of our utility bills. We don't think about not being able to feed our children but many families face that every day and this is why Shopping for a Change is important.