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African Crafts

With all of the communities today that are struggling, fair trade has become more important than ever. Fair trade means that what the individual is creating is made by hand, made by natural resources and more of the proceeds will go to that individual.
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Artisan Jewelry

Handmade products are becoming more and more popular as consumers become more educated on how products are being made, where they are being made and the amount of profit that workers are able to make on them.
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Eco Green Gifts

Those who are familiar with the term fair trade know that more money goes back to the individual who helped create the food or product.
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Consumers these days are becoming more and more knowledgeable and also responsible about their choices in purchasing.
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Coffee isn't the only thing that is going fair trade these days, and it's catching on around the world. The use of natural sources for products, gifts and foods is coming to the forefront to change the way that people think about their life on a day to day basis.
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Fashion Scarves

Fashion scarves complement your outfit and entire fashion in a trendy manner. You can create any style statement easily by incorporating wide range of scarf-knotting styles to suit your outfit per time.
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Handcrafted Jewelry

If you're looking to make a donation to a charity but want to get something in return, you're not alone in this thinking and there's nothing to be ashamed of in your case.
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Handmade Gifts

If you hesitate to donate to a charity because you don't simply want to give your money away, you're not alone in this.
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Handmade Jewelry

Many people are more than willing to do whatever they can to help a charity, but they often don't know where to start, don't have much time to volunteer, and are afraid of long-term commitments.
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Paper Jewelry

Paper jewelry, which is also known as recycled, up-cycled, eco, as well as repurposed jewelry is the in-thing presently.
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Recycled Jewelry

If you are not yet caught up in recycled jewelry trend, you are missing a whole lot. A great way to support green economy evolution with your jewelry fashion statement is to opt for eco-friendly jewelry.
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Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion is simply fashion that is intended to be eco-friendly. It is an aspect of the larger trend of ‘ethical fashion’. Paraphrasing part of an article in Vogue fashion magazine (May 2007 edition), “sustainable fashion does not appear to be a short-term trend but one that may linger for several seasons to come”.
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