Artisan Jewelry

Handmade products are becoming more and more popular as consumers become more educated on how products are being made, where they are being made and the amount of profit that workers are able to make on them. There are many marginalized communities with single mothers and those who live in poverty with very little to look forward to; so, how do we change all that? What is Artisan Jewelry? Artisan jewelry is unique because it is made with various metals and turnings rather than expensive gemstones or diamonds. This type of jewelry is often made from clay which can be fired in a kiln once it has been painted, can be hammered from copper, aluminum, silver or other metals as well. Each piece of jewelry is unique because it's hard to duplicate when made by a skilled artisan. This is what makes Artisan jewelry so popular across the world; there is always a story behind it, or some cultural history. It isn't often that any consumer would find two pieces that are identical, and each piece is inspired by something different and comes from the heart. This jewelry supports the concept behind fair trade which means that more money is being raised to support the artisans as well as the community that they live in.
The Purpose of Making Artisan Jewelry The sole purpose behind the crafting of this handmade jewelry is to support marginalized communities across the world. Not only are these communities in need of support, but it helps to detract from child labor and slavery. Many artisans who work with Shopping for a Change, a non-profit organization that provides revenue from fundraising for these communities, are living in such communities. Many of the artisans who are a part of this group are single mothers, live in poverty, and may even suffer from diseases like AIDs, or even suffer from genocide. These individuals are simply looking for a way to support themselves with a fair wage, while being able to create something that is unique and friendly to the planet.
This is why Artisan jewelry is made from natural resources and most notably made by hand. The use of machinery and large manufacturing companies are solely related to big box stores, or rather the large commercial stores that consumers find in America. However, their proceeds are not designed to benefit those in need, but are simply there to generate a profit because their items are mass produced. Shopping for a Change was designed to give to those who are suffering from hunger, poverty, and have less of a change to create a life for them and their children. Any one of us could be living in these same conditions but the truth is we have never been subjected to anything of this sort and if we were we might be looking for an equal opportunity just like this to prove that we can work and will provide for those we love and are responsible for.