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Custom CSR Programs

  • Would you like to add a community service component to your next corporate meeting or event? Shopping for a Change® creates customized community give-back programs that can be incorporated into any meeting or event, on or off-site.

Our programs help provide a balance between corporate profit-making activities and those that aid society.

Benefiting a local nonprofit of your choice, your attendees participate in a feel-good team building activity that includes creating kits of fair trade products pre-purchased by your company, and then donated to your chosen charity organization. Additional team building exercises may be included on depending upon allotted time, the number of attendees & your budget.

For more details, email, or speak with our concierge service at 650-488-7088. Take the hassle out of gift giving for events and meetings. Use our concierge service to do the brainstorming and ordering for you!