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In-Kind Partners

In-Kind Partners are businesses that have donated their goods or services to Shopping for a Change®.

  As part of their Corporate Responsibility Program, the global law firm of Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe periodically provides legal services to Shopping for a Change® on a pro bono basis.

We thank Rhino Entertainment, Warner Music Group and the Barenaked Ladies for permission to use the Barenaked Ladies song “Shopping” on a gratis basis, as background music in our promotional video.
  We want to thank Bold Apps for donating their Product-Discount app for use on our website. Bold recently began branching out in order to help non-profits by offering their services either at a reduced cost or free. They are participating in Salesforce's 1-1-1 Initiative as a means to supporting nonprofit organizations in the good work that they do.

  We thank talented engineer Isaac Bowen for the generous donation of his app Locksmith, for use in the backend of our website.  

  We thank the talented team of engineers at Shopapps for the very generous donation of their Social Login app for use in the backend of our website. This allows you, our customers to sign into our site using your social media account.

  Our sincere thanks to Sanjay and his talented team at Seed CMS for their ongoing assistance with the back end of our site, and donation of their Pressify app.

  Cecilia Fletcher is a freelance artist specializing in design for print and motion. Her degree from prestigious Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), she has experience in brand development, storyboarding for 2D and 3D, character design, animation, and illustration. Cecilia is the sole animator on our new promotional video.
Our sincere thanks to EmaLee Arroyo as she narrator, and to Christine Coyle who is the voice of Susie Shopper in our animated promotional video.