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Our Story

Shopping for a Change® (SFAC) is a nonprofit social enterprise

committed to

empowering indigenous artisans (predominantly women)

from economically disadvantaged communities

around the world,

raising their standards of living, subsidizing both community

improvement projects abroad

and U.S. based charitable organizations,

all while further encouraging a sense of social

consciousness amongst consumers. 


SFAC was established to create an extended global marketplace for fair trade products produced by artisans, artisan co-ops, and companies that employ these artisans. Working in symphony with over

55 partners in 30 countries

 we help educate artisans on competing in a world marketplace, while helping preserve local handicraft traditions, all while following fair trade principles. 

 It is through these endeavors that SFAC is

Empowering others, transforming lives®

 Our Founder's Story

Three simultaneous events led to the creation of Shopping for a Change. As I approached age 50, I felt a stronger than ever need to make a difference in the world, and wanted to do so on a global scale. That same year our son’s class, embarked on a philanthropic project that we found both educational and truly inspirational. It was then over winter break 2008-2009, during our family vacation to the Galapagos Islands and Peru, when I realized but for an accident of birth, I could have been any one of the artistically talented women whom I witnessed struggling as the sole supporters of their families. And that those mothers and I shared these basic needs and desires: to feed, shelter and educate our children.

I arrived home no longer the same person as before I left. Realizing these shared struggles exist for women around the world, due to illness, abuse, war, unemployment and death, I felt compelled to create a business model in which I could help those less fortunate, both here and abroad.

Shopping for a Change® was developed to empower these talented artisans, predominantly women, and their impoverished communities, with means to transform their standards of living in economically sustainable ways. In addition to paying the artisans up front for their creations, our nonprofit organization splits the net proceeds from your purchases in two ways: we fund Community Improvement Projects abroad with a focus on clean water, health care, and education; and afford you, the consumer the ability to direct net proceeds to a U.S. based nonprofit organization of your choice at checkout.

We hope you’ll shop with us frequently, and share us with friends and family. Every purchase you make touches the lives of the artisans, their families and their communities. Thank you for your support!

Stacey Horowitz

In 2013, Stacey's work was recognized with the prestigious

Jefferson Award for Public Service