Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion is simply fashion that is intended to be eco-friendly. It is an aspect of the larger trend of 'ethical fashion'. Paraphrasing part of an article in Vogue fashion magazine (May 2007 edition), "Sustainable fashion does not appear to be a short-term trend but one that may linger for several seasons to come".
Up till date, environmental-friendliness is showcased in fashion via a portion of sales that are channeled towards charitable cause. Yet, it is great to know that the fashion world has recently embraced the concept of sustainability by using techniques and fabrics that are more environmentally-friendly in designing wears. Thus, Sustainable fashion has become a welcomed trend in the fashion world.
The fashion designing niche tends to be excited and proud to integrate sustainable practices into present day's clothe-making, instead of the 'dusty, hippy-looking wears' production that characterized the former years.
Celebrities Love Sustainable Fashion
Celebrities are massive consumers of Sustainable fashion items such as wears, as well as recycled jewelries. A lot of celebrities have recently drawn attention of many with their Sustainable fashion statements, making others to rush massively towards Sustainable fashion.
A steady rising number of Hollywood celebrities and superstars are being seen more and more with Sustainable fashion statement - these include renowned stars like Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Natalie Portman, Alicia Silverstone and others.
Great instance of how Sustainable fashion has become the order of the day and widely advocated/embraced is typified via the Portland hey tyson Fashion Week. This show featured 'sustainable/environmentally-friendly' apparels and designers since 2005. This show also attracted the attention of international press, particularly because of the stunning way in which sustainable designs were showcased in 100 percent eco-friendly manner.
Mind you, it is not only the celebrities that are taking advantage of Sustainable fashion to look stunning and promote charitable cause as well as eco-friendly evangelism. Regular persons like you are also attracting attention with Sustainable fashion, while supporting charitable cause as well as environmentally-friendly trends.
Is Sustainable Fashion Different from Conventional Fashion?
The factors that distinguish Sustainable fashion from the traditional type are growing by the day. First of all, the technique of producing eco-friendly fashion involves energy-efficient processes, sweatshop-free labor, alternative energy, and use of low-impact dyes. Basically, the criteria used in differentiating Sustainable fashion designing and the traditional technique include the use of less toxic chemicals, reduction of greenhouse gases and using less land or water for Sustainable fashion. These healthy ways of creating wears are worth embracing - the reason why so many people are favoring Sustainable fashion over the conventional one. Today, it has become fashionable as well as healthy act to see lots of eco-friendly garments and wears in people's wardrobes. In essence, what most people would call 'ethical wardrobe' (referring to Sustainable fashion) has become the in-thing.
You can join the bandwagon of Sustainable fashion consumers today to improve your fashion statement and advocate for eco-friendly fashion as well. It is also a great way to contribute your quota towards charitable cause.