Alpaca Throw Blanket - SPECIAL ORDER

by: Shupaca



  • Features - brushed finish
  • Material - 80% Alpaca 20% Acrylic 
  • ONE SIZE - 45"x70" 
  • HAND WASH in cool water. Air dry. Low setting on dryer for 10 minutes for maximum fluffiness. 
  • DRY CLEAN is always a recommended option. 
  • MAINTAIN using a light bristly brush direction of the alpaca fiber. Iron on low in same direction.
  • Produced following fair trade principles

Country: Peru


Would look great with an embroidered logo. Request a quote!

On a trip to Ecuador, Andrew and Lori Schuster were inspired by the rich cultural heritage of the region. It was there they first encountered the amazing natural fiber, Alpaca, from the animal of the same name. Yarns and fabrics woven out of Alpaca are prevalent throughout South America, especially Ecuador and Peru. Known for its inherent warmth and softness, it is also lightweight, sustainable, eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic and lanolin free. Available in twenty-two natural colors, alpaca can be easily blended to produce even more variety.

Inspired to help the people of Ecuador raise their economic status, and by the qualities of Alpaca, the Schusters went on to form Shupaca—a socially-responsible and environmentally-conscious company. Shupaca is dedicated to working with indigenous artisans in Ecuador and Peru, creating fair-trade products woven from Alpaca fur.

Shupaca’s 20 artisans and staff produce Alpaca products that incorporate indigenous artistic qualities with a modern flare. Their uniquely designed apparel and accessories beautifully compliment all with which they are paired.

Having already improved the lives of the artisans they employ, the Schusters are hard at work purchasing land and developing a new artisan workshop that will include dormitories for the artisans and families who need it, along with a communal garden and recreation area.

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