Block-Printed Wool Scarves

by: Sudharshan

  • 100% hand-loomed fine, light-weight wool
  • Natural background
  • Hand block-printed blue flowers or paisley pattern
  • Size: 28" X 78"
  • Dry clean only
  • Produced following fair trade principles

Country: India

Sudarshan works in partnership with master craftsmen to create traditionally-made contemporary textiles and accessories, with emphasis on ethical conduct and social responsibility. They work closely with artisan groups to employ sustainable techniques such as natural dyeing, hand weaving, and block printing to create unique, hand-crafted products. When you buy Sudharshan products become part of an ongoing movement to revive traditional textile skills, create a productive environment for the artisans and reinstate their status in society. In addition, Sudarshan directs part of their profits towards funding craft schools in India to educate women in local craft industries and provide them opportunities for empowerment.

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