Dabbawalla Kid's Backpacks

by: Dabbawalla

  • Sized and designed especially for kids ages 3-7
  • Sturdy grip handle and adjustable, cushioned straps
  • Strap adjustability all done inside bag, leaves no dangling straps
  • Two inside pockets and one outside pocket
  • Size: 12"H x 11"W x 6"D
  • Lightweight
  • 100% toxic-free including zero lead, BPA-free and no Phthalates or PVC
  • Machine wash (front loader only) or hand wash
  • Line dry
  • Produced following fair trade principles

Country: Taiwan


Susan Givens, founder of Dabbawalla, came from the corporate travel world which she left behind at the start of motherhood. As time marched on and her child got older, they needed both a lunch bag and small backpack that was tailored for a small child. When Susan was unable to find what she wanted on the market, she ended up making them herself. As friends, neighbors and other families at school saw his bags and wanted them, the idea for the business clicked. Susan spent much time in Mumbai over the years, where the lunch deliverers for office buildings are referred to as Dabbawallas.

Susan wanted her business to help give women jobs in conditions that were clean and pleasant, and chose to work with a small family owned sewing outfit in Taiwan, whereby they emphasize workers’ rights and conditions. Everyone is paid fair wages, receives health benefits and maternity leave. Women can bring their babies to work and there is a garden where they can all grow vegetables. The facility is bright and airy and for Susan who visits often, they have all come to feel like extended family.


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