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Horn and Diamond Link Necklace
Horn and Diamond Link Necklace

Horn and Diamond Link Necklace

$57.00 USD $15.00 USD


  • Upcycled hand carved bullhorn
  • Geometric shapes 
  • Stainless steel & chain connectors
  • Due to the nature of horn, colors will vary from piece to piece
  • Produced following fair trade principles
Artisan Country:  Peru


Chub Bull, an artisan crafted line led by Esther Silvera, was created with innovation in mind. The company began as a small family business in Peru, but has developed into a fashion line focused on bringing new ideas into the style world. Chub Bull’s unique bullhorn accessories are inspired by Esther’s father, who used to make rustic bullhorn combs in a variety of shapes and sizes. As the simple horn objects became outdated, Esther found a way to combine her Peruvian heritage with her need to make something different. The result? Chub Bull’s beautiful handcrafted horn bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.